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What is Salesforce Pardot Cloud?

Salesforce Pardot Cloud is positioned as a B2B platform that helps you streamline your marketing and sales alignment. With Pardot, Ideal for Lead Management & Long-term Nurture, you can rest assured all your marketing activities, 

It will automate repetitive tasks, provide insight into your campaign performance and notify you to act quickly on your prospects. 

Salesforce Partner Benefits

Salesforce Pardot Cloud Offers:

Simple Setup for Powerful Email Marketing

Focus on your digital marketing assets with Pardot effortlessly.

In-Depth Prospects

Pardot can track website potential visitors before they land on registered prospects or as customers is extremely valuable.

Powerful Lead Nurturing

Pardot is one of the perfect lead nurturing tools to use for It enables you to craft lead nurturing programs for all stages of the customer journey. According to studies, it has proven that nurtured leads far outspend non-nurtured leads.

Prospects Grading And Scoring

Salesforce Pardot cloud demystifies the leads that you are coming in as some of them will not fit your lead standards, while others will not be engaged. Lead scoring and grading both will save the sales department time. This function will help to ensure you with the given worthwhile chase leads.

ROI and Pipeline Reporting

Quickly see reports on your marketing spend with Pardot. Get a quick insight into the performance and measurements that matter to you.

Sales & Marketing Collaboration

Pardot will connect to your Salesforce instance seamlessly. The Salesforce CRM-Pardot integration is one super-charged marketing and sales platform.  Pardot offers an extensive list of integrations and API’s and you can use other solutions along with it.

Why do you need Pardot?

  • If you operate in a B2B sector you can use Salesforce Pardot cloud to maximize your conversions.
  • It will provide you with a comprehensive view of your potential customers, from the moment they land on your site to the time when they sign up for the demo.
  •  Enables better performance in scoring reporting tracking, and campaigning.
  •  Delivers more trustworthy insight into prospects, allowing more personalized communication and more closed deals.
  • Offers extensive customization

Salesforce Pardot Cloud can be used to personalize communication and measure its effectiveness. Pardot will be your best tool through the sales funnel, optimizing your email communication as you move your customer through its various processes.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Includes All The Following Tools

Journey Builder

This marketing automation solution from Salesforce is used to create and build customized1-to-1 customer journeys across all channels and departments. customer journeys through multiple channels.

Email Studio

This one is oriented to perform and build personalized email campaigns of email marketing.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Social Studio

It creates customized campaigns to listen, publish, and engage with your potential customers across social media channels. Turn social media followers into leads.

Mobile Studio

Enables personalizing marketing mobile interactions including SMS, push notifications, and chat messaging.via SMS, push notifications, and group messaging.

Audience Studio

Capture data from any source and unify all that data in one single place. It fulfills the “social listening” goal to enable the creation of appealing content to our audience.

Salesforce Lightining

Advertising Studio

Target one-to-one advertising using your CRM data to acquire and re-engage customers. Manage acquisition, retargeting, and alignment campaigns.

Salesforce Sales Cloud


One platform for all your marketing data, investments, KPIs, and decisions where all data can be accessed through a dashboard, where the return of investment can be controlled and business growth bolstered.

Salesforce CPQ

Interaction Studio

Visualise, track, and manage real-time customer experiences customers’ experience in real-time and connect with them through any interaction. Drive out the valuable engagement at the right moment.

Data Studio

“Take control of that data” through premium Data Studio solution, the best solution to discover the audience, acquire data and it is the best tool to increase revenue using valuable data.

Google Analytics 360

Obtain the most from your marketing insights while driving smarter engagement and obtaining more from marketing actions.

Salesforce Health Cloud


Makes your marketing automation easier, empowers sales teams, and unifies marketing and sales on a single platform for B2B marketing automation.



Analyze your needs and provide CRM solution assessment, platform recommendation and roadmap Planning.


Customize and train your staff to make the best use of CRM.


Customize your CRM to fit your needs. 

Data Migration Services

Assure that your data will be migrated precisely.


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