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Salesforce Implementation for Real Estate


A Real Estate company located in Mexico. It has multiple branches across Mexico. Deal in properties trading. Properties are purchased and later sold through the company platform with mark up through bidding process.

Client: Real estate

Services: Property Trading

Industry: Real Estate

Via: Salesforce


Low demand in the real estate industry implies that multiple competitors are following one customer and offering competitive prices. The chances of lead conversion are extremely remote. From getting in touch with the prospects to the final stage of closing the lead, there are various actions and steps involved. It is extremely important for any type of business to have a well-organized process, identify communication, and establish touch points across channels with customers. Moreover, to recognize the responsibility and make every individual answerable at each step. The most essential part is to keep an eye on each step throughout the sales process which can not only help maximize the sales revenue but can also ensure that the organization has the most effective client experience. The team wanted to conveniently track and take care of all clients, their agreements, and concentrate on closing more deals using Salesforce sales automation solution.


The Salesforce CRM helps you to connect these multiple dots and bring project management, property management, customer management, inventory management, agent management, quality inspection, and vendor management on to one unified platform. Salesforce offers in-built analytics to bring the right data from across millions of data checkpoints to help create a customer persona. Once you know your customers’ needs, you can offer them properties as per their liking and improve your revenue potential. We have implemented Salesforce end to end to manage the process of property identification, evaluation, verification, acquisition, approval. We applied the following in the project

• Salesforce – Apex/Visual Force, Workflows
• PHP for integration of website with Salesforce platform
• Salesforce Site implementation for response web for brokers

These were the highlights of the project.
• Implemented in record time with no major defects
• Implemented Salesforce Site to save licensing cost for each and every broker
• Data migration from old platform to new platform
• Implemented Ant Deployment process for managing versioning


Salesforce offers a cloud-based storage system, which means your team will be able to carry out operations despite being away from their workstations. Salesforce will encourage prompt response and quick actions, which would eventually lead to enhanced customer experience. Salesforce can unify this communication to a single point, which means your team and you are on the same page regarding the follow up of any particular client or lead. Better team collaboration means increased productivity and efficiency. In a nutshell, Salesforce is a single solution to the above-mentioned pain points and more.

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