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Zoho Marketplace

Being a prominent name worldwide, Zoho has various extensions and integration tools that are developed to solve a particular problem in any particular industry or to address a specific use case in a certain business. Considering this in mind, there was a need to have all these extensions in one place so that users across the world could browse through the available extensions to address a particular use case.

One powerful tool that has emerged to meet these needs is the Zoho Marketplace. This platform serves as a hub where businesses can discover and integrate a wide array of applications and extensions that complement Zoho’s suite of business software. With the help of a Zoho consultant, you can implement this tool for your business success.

What is Zoho Marketplace

Zoho Marketplace can be considered as an online store consisting of Zoho Extensions, industry solutions, and custom applications. Zoho Marketplace also gives you a platform to showcase your product in front of 1.35 million people annually thereby increasing adoption and customer experience for your application.

Benefits of listing your application on Zoho Marketplace

By listing your applications on Zoho Marketplace, you will be able to increase the global footprint of your application. This will allow you to discover new markets and generate new revenue streams. Through Zoho Marketplace, you can also generate leads through co-marketing. Getting your app on Zoho Marketplace also opens the doors for sponsorship opportunities at Zoho events which helps you to connect with potential customers for the growth of your business.

How to list your application to Zoho Marketplace?

  1. Sign up on Zoho Marketplace as an Independent Software Vendor or System integrator. At the time of signing up, create a company profile and start building the app.
  2. Based on your company details, decide on the app that you want to build, and you can use the developer resources and tools to build the application. After you’ve built the application, you have to submit it for review, and then it will be listed on Zoho Marketplace.
  3. Once the application is reviewed and listed on Zoho Marketplace, you can market it to the outside world to increase the reach of your application.

How does Zoho contribute to the success of your application?

  1. Based on the experience and needs of Zoho users, you can build an app to solve their problems or address a particular use case.
  2. Zoho Developer platform, Zoho Creator platform, and other development resources offered by Zoho can be used to build the app.
  3. Zoho will review your application once it is built in order to ensure a seamless customer experience.

What kind of applications you can build?

  1. Custom Applications

These applications will be specific to the business needs. You can create these kinds of applications by addressing specific use cases.

  1. Extensions

Integration is the need of the hour to avoid having data scattered in different tools. You can build extensions that can integrate various other business tools with Zoho.

  1. Industry Solution

This will be a highly customized CRM solution for specific industries with customized industry language in the solution. This will require a deep understanding of the industry and its operations.


Zoho Marketplace is a valuable resource for businesses wanting to improve how they operate. It offers a wide range of tools that can be customized to fit specific needs, from managing customer relationships to handling finances. Businesses can navigate this marketplace effectively and find solutions that help them grow and work more efficiently.

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