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What You Should Know About ZOHO One Support Plans

what you should know about zoho one support plans

Managing your business through disjointed platforms is a big challenge. You might be efficient enough to take care of your work this way, but it would cost you a great deal of time and energy. The need is therefore to have a common platform that could facilitate flawless communication across multiple departments within your organization. This is where ZOHO One fits the bill; enabling you to switch over to a single and simple application.

ZOHO One Support Plans

You don’t need to handle your work scattered across multiple applications anymore. ZOHO One, engulfing above 40 applications covers all the operations in a unified suite to ensure flawless communication between departments and boost your productivity. All you need is to choose any of the ZOHO One support plans and give your business a long lasting backbone. We will talk more about it later. For now, let’s find out how it helps to grow your business.

How ZOHO One helps your business?

ZOHO One equips your team with a set of utilitarian tools to take care of your business bottle necks there by ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. It also provides your team with various digital tools to extend customer support across varied channels while handling all the requests from your place itself. These include support via Email, Phone, Social Media, Live Chat, Self-service and Remote Assistance. In addition, ZOHO extends capable support for various other aspects of your organization including Sales, Marketing, HR, Accounting and Operations.

Benefits of ZOHO One applications

By offering an app for every single stage of your business, ZOHO One helps to execute all your coveted goals with excellence.

  • Notch up your sales
  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Get an energetic support for your teams
  • More interactive and result-centric communication
  • Make your accounting system more accountable
  • Give new life to your data via Analytics/BI
  • Carry out gripping marketing campaigns

In addition, ZOHO One offers you the facility of admin panel, foolproof security policies and customizable groups. Besides, you can also manage ZOHO apps, Creator custom apps, mobile apps and directory apps with ease.

ZOHO One Support Plans

It is great that ZOHO One gets you rid of the legacy tools, old applications and the paper-based cumbersome processes. It replaces all these hassles with a robust and multi-functional operating suite. Depending on the ZOHO One support plan you choose, you get the best of assistance to ensure a streamlined business and attain the pinnacle of customer satisfaction. Here is all you should know about ZOHO One Support Plans.

Common plans

You can choose from among Classic, Premium and Enterprise plans of ZOHO One depending on your requirement. To choose the ideal one, you can connect with the support team of CRM-Masters as well. Here is a list of support plans common to all the three versions of ZOHO One – Classic, Premium and Enterprise.

  • Email Support:
  • Chat support
  • Phone Support
  • Remote Assistance via Screen Sharing
  • Quick Response Time
  • Knowledge base
  • Community Forums
  • Customer Portal

Important points

  • Both Classic and Premium plans allow having a minimum of one user at a monthly or annual subscription. Likewise, Enterprise plans allow annual subscription for a minimum of 50 users.
  • While Premium and Enterprise plans offer 24-hour phone support, Classic plan provides it for 8 hours a day
  • As for responsive time, Enterprise attends to your queries within 1 hour, Premium plan requires 3 hours and Classic Plan takes around 8 hours for the customer support team to respond to your concerns.

Cost of ZOHO One Support plans

  • You can have the Classic plan free of cost.
  • The Premium ZOHO One plan is available at 20% of the license fee of your organization
  • Enterprise ZOHO Plan requires you to pay 25% of the license fee of your organization for a minimum of 50 users

For more updates on ZOHO Support Plans, you can connect with an authorized ZOHO Partner – a consultant that can extend complete assistance for ZOHO setup, support, implementation and customization. For instance, CRM-Masters can prove to be an ideal ZOHO Partner to help you with ZOHO Plans. It can provide you with both regional or industry-specific support. Feel free to connect with CRM-Masters if you are looking for an ideal ZOHO One Partner.