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What are the Top 5 Features of ZOHO CRM?

what are the top 5 features of zoho crm

Combining the various ZOHO CRM editions, you will find out that it is a treasure trove of features. Talk about ZOHO Standard, Professional or Enterprise, all of them offer an entire range of features to take your business to unprecedented heights. With such a long ZOHO CRM features list, it is definitely not a cakewalk to segregate the top 5 ZOHO CRM features. To avoid confusion, here is a list of top 5 features that are common to all the three editions but obviously with different accessibilities, depending on the respective edition you opt for.

1. Sales Team Automation

An instant benefit of using a customer relationship management platform is to boost sales productivity, and this is what the ZOHO CRM can do the best. With the help of its Sales Force Automation software, it simplifies your various sales processes from sales appointment scheduling to keeping updates on the sales opportunities. Eventually, online sales CRM software enables your sales reps to focus on lead acquisition and take your customer relationship engagement to the next level. Some prominent ZOHO CRM benefits under this feature thus include:

  • The ease to create, organize and manage leads
  • Complete visibility of your business deal
  • Bringing all the leads at one place automatically
  • Integrated approach to managing customer account
  • Offering an enhanced mode to connect with your contacts
  • Automated routine tasks to save your precious time

2. Platform Customization

The ability to customize various applications of the platform as per the need of your business is one of the prominent ZOHO CRM features. From creating custom buttons and layouts to capturing details from the prospects, performing test customization to language localization and much more, you can do it all. Here are more customization aspects depending on your respective ZOHO CRM product details.

  • Customized layout for each process
  • Ease to collect and organize the data in the required format.
  • Varied conditional checks to enhance the efficiency and quality of your CRM data
  • Custom views and filters to help you find the right CRM data
  • Track key updates via Pick list history tracking and make data-informed decisions
  • Get multi-currency and localization support

3. Marketing Automation

Running marketing campaigns that could generate leads for your business is a big challenge. ZOHO CRM emerges as the best lead management software in this context as it helps to deliver quality leads that could ultimately boost your sales. With marketing automation tools from this relationship management platform, you can drive exponential returns from each of your business marketing campaigns. Here are some more valuable and prominent aspects of ZOHO CRM in marketing:

  • Customer segmentation through targeted marketing
  • Optimize and personalize every visitor experience in website
  • Combines your sales with Google Ad spending to analyze your digital campaign performance
  • Manage your business events and transform them to sales
  • Scan your business card and transfer them to CRM automatically
  • Initiate targeted survey campaigns

4. Automation and Process Management

Monitor and boost your sales activity with the power packed insights of ZOHO CRM. It helps you keep abreast of continuously changing industry trends and safeguards you from any economic turmoil. Here are some of the prominent aspects of the process management feature of this online sales CRM software.

  • Forecast the future of your business and set realistic goals accordingly
  • Group your customers to help your sales team gain valuable insights
  • Create invoices for overseas clients in their preferred currencies
  • Turn your sales exciting for the team by adding game credits like points and badges
  • Seek the help of Zia – the AI powered assistant to prioritize your deals and leads

5. Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration holds a major place in the ZOHO CRM features list owing to its ability to keep you connected with your customers and your team in real time. It allows your team members to add valuable information to their sales records and share ZOHO CRM product details from a single platform through collaboration tools. Here are more ZOHO CRM benefits of this feature.

  • Feeds keep your team updated on latest business ideas, deals announcements
  • Chat tool integration with CRM to keep your sales team connected with other team members
  • Keep track of sales progress through helpful text and audio notes for each module
  • Organize and collaborate on your ZOHO CRM product details through tagging feature
  • Segregate your sales team into performance groups for selling or event management
  • Project management system integration with your CRM for efficient task handling

All these ZOHO CRM features will ultimately contribute to an immense growth of your business. Therefore, opting for any of the plans of this lucrative relationship management platform would be a smart decision on your part.