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Stay Connected With ZOHO through Your Mobile Device

stay connected with zoho through your mobile device

ZOHO is a widely used and effective software suite that promises to ease the life of businesses with a plethora of features. At present, more than half of the global digital population is accessing the internet through mobile devices only. Any software or program is hence incomplete without a dedicated mobile application. Sensing the opportunity ripe, ZOHO presents an array of mobile apps specifically designed to infuse ease of use, speed, and enhanced functionality for businesses spanning varied industries. 

Power of ZOHO Apps

Any business looking for a dedicated app for its different units can effortlessly go for the respective ZOHO applications. These apps are high on runtime, offer flexible working, and ensure that businesses are never away from the customers. Downloading ZOHO apps for Android or iOS devices is also quick and easy from the Apple store or Google Play Store. Thus, any company aiming at increasing customer engagement or offering high-level services can harness the power of these ZOHO apps without hassles

Different ZOHO apps:

Here is a quick look at varied ZOHO apps from different categories that help businesses automate their processes appreciably.


  • ZOHO CRM: Helps manage tasks and deals, and ensures seamless connection with customers, internal team, and leads.
  • ZOHO Bigin: This app lets businesses stay in touch with prospects remotely. It gives updates on customer information easily and in real-time.


  • ZOHO Social: Offers quick brand management and builds new brands on social media with ease.
  • ZOHO Campaigns: A widely used app, it can help create, plan, and send email campaigns from any device.

Customer Support

customer support
customer support
  • ZOHO Desk: This dedicated helpdesk app ensures enhanced team productivity, quick customer support, customer collaboration, and more.
  • ZOHO Radar for Desk: The app lets you catch requests proactively when you are away from your desk through simple and intuitive dashboards. It contributes to the value of management by handling exceptions.


  • ZOHO Books: This online accounting software helps track and manage the finances of multiple projects in one go. It automates your workflows and makes your business GST compliant.
  • ZOHO Invoice: A boon for small businesses, this free GST software helps design professional invoices, log the work hours, track expenses, and facilitate quick payments.


  • ZOHO People: The cloud based HR software helps HRs manage their daily HR activities thereby infusing agility and efficiency in HR management.
  • ZOHO Recruit: This remote hiring app helps corporate HRs and staffing agencies in simplifying the end-to-end recruitment process management.


  • ZOHO Contracts: Businesses wishing to attain compliance at reduced costs may confide in ZOHO Contracts. It will simplify your entire Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) stages including authoring, approval, negotiation and signature.



  • ZOHO OneAuth: This comprehensive authenticator app offers mobile SSO and multi-factor authentication to secure your online business accounts. It allows you to go passwordless and provides MFA for all accounts.
  • ZOHO Vault: This secure password manager sets you free from recalling the passwords for different accounts. It saves all passwords and autofills them whenever you wish to access a particular account.

Email and Office

ZOHO Mail: It helps fasten the business conversations by quick access to files and emails on a single app. In addition to email, it also equips you with calendar, contacts, files, all in a single app.

ZOHO Mail Admin: A dedicated email administrator for ZOHO apps, it brings your email control panel to your fingertips. You can control all your admin tasks by doing just a few swipes.


ZOHO WorkDrive: It offers quick movement of files using iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it allows you to do quick work on the go, share all updates instantly, and do quick edits on team files.

ZOHO Cliq: The app allows seamless internal team communications and collaborative work at one place. It offers multi-task with split view and offers drag-drop files quickly. You can also benefit from its Android Auto and CarPlay features for quick use even while driving.

BI and Analytics

BI Analytics
BI Analytics

ZOHO Analytics: Any business looking for detailed insights can go for the analytics app from ZOHO for both on-premise and cloud deployments.It offers AI-powered conversational analytics, native user interface, creative gestures, etc.

ZOHO Analytics- Dashboards: The immersive dashboard app for managing ZOHO analytics offers creative gestures, ease of organization, and real-time data synchronization. It also facilitates real-time access to business dashboards.

Project Management

ZOHO Projects: It ensures task management, team collaboration, and helps project managers facilitate regular work. It helps in project management and progress tracking even while you are onboard.

ZOHO Sprints: This project management tool brings the remote teams closer. It enables them to collaborate, brainstorm, and work together irrespective of their current geographical location.

Custom Solutions:

ZOHO Creator: Mobile application development platform (MADP) covers everything from workflow automation to UI/UX to backend functions. Among its features, include Multiplatform builder, Mobile SDK, Rebranded Mobile Apps and so on.

Thus, the main benefit of accessing ZOHO through different mobile devices is the power of the unified platform that brings multiple apps under one roof. To get assistance on any of these apps, you can always let us know at CRM-Masters. As a premium ZOHO Partner, we will be glad to help your cause.