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One-click Invoice Generation With Law Firm ZOHO CRM

One-click Invoice Generation With Law Firm ZOHO CRM

Law firms can implement ZOHO CRM platforms to streamline their processes and automate repetitive tasks, especially when it comes to generating invoices, following customers for compliances etc. The majority of law firms across the globe incorporate an hourly model for keeping a track of their services and internal processes.

This makes it important for the firms to have organized processes in place for maintaining their hourly billing projects. Going ahead manually with these processes often results in a lack of accuracy, longer time, and an unorganized approach. An automated CRM platform helps you in managing the hourly rates of all your attorneys, the log time spent on each case, and creating personalized invoices with a single click.

Before getting to the benefits of a law firm CRM, let us understand the challenges faced by law firms with respect to generating invoices.

Major Invoicing Challenges Faced By Law Firms

Difficulty In Managing Hourly Rates Of Attorneys

Law firms are required to manage the hourly rates of different attorneys in an accurate manner while generating invoices. As a law firm works with multiple attorneys on a regular basis, it becomes extremely difficult for the employees to manage the hourly attorney rates using manual processes.

Difficulty In Tracking Attorney Hours

A law firm needs to keep track of the work hours of different attorneys for creating invoices. If the employees resort to manual and traditional processes, it becomes difficult to be vigilant and precise in recording the exact work hours of several attorneys that the law firm deals with.

Generating Frequent And Regular Invoices

Manual invoicing processes often take a long time to create documents, making it difficult to generate invoices on a periodic basis. As it is important for a law firm to generate regular invoices for billing the hourly rates of attorneys, going the traditional way often causes unnecessary delays and incorrect invoices.

Benefits Of Law Firm CRM For Invoice Generation

Benefits Of Law Firm CRM For Invoice Generation
Benefits Of Law Firm CRM For Invoice Generation

Keeping A Track Of Hourly Rates For All Attorneys

A law firm CRM allows you to manage the hourly rates of all your attorneys on a centralized platform. The CRM platforms store the hourly rates along with important information about specific attorneys in the “Attorney” module of the system. All you and your team need to do is click on an attorney to view their hourly rates in real-time.

Easy Logging Of Time Spent

It is important for a law firm employee to log time while creating invoices and keeping a track of hourly billing rates. At the end of every month, a law firm CRM platform allows you to view the number of hours spent by every attorney from the “Matter” module, making it extremely easy to log time spent on specific matters.

Moreover, your attorneys can view the timesheet and the hourly billing form through the “Edit Matter” tab. This prevents them from keeping a track of their hours and other important details manually.

Quick And Accurate Invoice Generation

With law firm CRM, you can create invoices that are personalized and accurate with a simple click. It makes all relevant information about all your attorneys available to you on a unified interface, automating the process of making calculations and creating the invoice documents. This prevents the employees from spending their valuable time and effort in creating repeated invoices and allows them to focus on other important areas.

The Final Word

A law firm CRM platform allows you to streamline the invoicing processes and a number of other tasks associated with your day-to-day work. Right from managing the hourly rates of the attorneys to logging the time spent on specific cases, a single platform acts as a seamless solution to all your problems.