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Mistakes to avoid while selecting CRM for your business

mistakes to avoid while selecting crm for your business

Q. Why do you want a CRM for your business?

A. I want to change the way we do business.

Q. What changes do you want to bring to your business using the CRM software?

A. I want to change the way people work at our company.

Q. What do you think needs to be changed in the way that people work in the company?

A. It needs to be more impactful.

If you ever find yourself having the kind of conversation shown above with yourself or with someone else, then you need to STOP right here. If you have read the above conversation very carefully, then you must have realized that the goals intending to be achieved through the CRM are quite vague and this is one of the most common CRM mistakes people make before implementing the CRM for the business. In this blog post, we will be discussing some common mistakes that you need to avoid while selecting the right CRM for your business. Let’s start with the very first mistake discussed above.

Not clear about the goals

Before taking a deep dive into the CRM market to select the right CRM for your business, you need to first identify the business goals that you are looking to achieve through the CRM. Moreover, these business goals must be well aligned with all the departments of your company. So, it’s always better to set some concrete department-wise goals also in order to achieve the overall business goals. Improving the coordination for the sales activities, reducing the ticket/issue response and resolution time, improving the journey of a lead, effective monitoring of department-wise activities, etc. are some of the concrete goals that you can set before searching for the right CRM. With so many CRM players to choose from in the market, your identified goals will help you to shortlist the right CRM for your business.

Keeping ONLY the current goals in mind

Even after identifying the concrete goals and selecting the right CRM, many CRM projects fail because of not considering the scalability factor. In order to look for an affordable CRM solution, companies just look for the features that they need right NOW. Not considering the scalability factor of your business and the features that you might need in the future as the company grows will result in the need of switching to a more advanced CRM. However, switching from one CRM to another will take time and effort. This can be simply avoided by considering the scalability factor of your company and focusing on future needs as well, instead of just focusing on the current needs.

Ignoring the Mobile-Friendly Approach

Flexibility in the business processes is something that the companies are striving for nowadays. Considering this situation, it will not be an intelligent move to neglect the mobile-friendliness of the CRM. Mobile-friendly CRM will serve as a valuable add-on to your business processes. Accessibility of CRM on multiple devices, i.e. Computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. will allow your people to expand the boundaries when it comes to their productivity. For e.g., your on-ground sales team will never be happier to know that they can manage the leads or customers on the go as well through their smartphones.

Being over-ambitious

We discussed about the importance of setting the right goals keeping in mind the current needs as well as the future needs. Also, it’s good to be ambitious with respect to these goals. However, it is paramount to keep in mind that these goals need to be well thought of after discussing with all the departments, stakeholders, senior management, etc. This needs to be done to avoid being over-ambitious about the goals which might alter the decision to select the right CRM for your business.

So, it can be concluded that what needs not to be done is as important as what needs to be done for the success of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project. However, it’s easier said than done. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult some experts to rule out even the slightest possibility of CRM project failure. We at CRM Masters, will not only rule out this possibility of failure, but we will ensure that the CRM is implemented for your business without any hiccups, and it is sustainable and scalable in the long term as well. Feel free to get in touch with our team for any CRM-related queries.