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Issues you may encounter during ZOHO CRM Implementation

issues you may encounter during zoho crm implementation

Nowadays, you will be able to find a significant volume of information on customer relationship management both online and offline. However, not all of them are very effective, as they neglect some root causes of problems. As a result, they face several issues while implementing their CRM software and the same holds while using ZOHO CRM as well. While using this popular tool is simple, problems can still occur during its implementation. Let us find out more on this topic.

What is ZOHO CRM?

ZOHO Corp is a software company that helps your business to grow and ZOHO CRM is software made by ZOHO to simplify the daily business tasks. This web-based software helps to manage customer interaction. Here is what it can do for your business:

  • Can make different policies for your business to attract more people towards your brand
  • Replicates the hierarchy in your organization by assigning roles and responsibilities as per the type of users
  • Secures the data of your customers at different levels
  • Helps your to abide by standards during process execution
  • Allows your team access to important CRM data, immaterial of their current location
  • Can help to manage various departments, like sales, marketing, help desk and more

While ZOHO CRM ensures these and many more benefits, at times, you may face myriad issues during its implementation.

Issues that may arise during ZOHO CRM implementation

ZOHO has segregated the implementation of its software into three easy steps:

  • Sales process mapping
  • CRM Training to your staff and management
  • Automation of repetitive tasks

Despite the ease of use, the possibility of new users facing the issues is hard to sideline. You can encounter them once you start using the software in your daily business routine. Here are some basic problems, which you might come across during the implementation of a CRM.

  1. System Compatibility

When migrating from an old system to a new one, compatibility is one of the major issues. You might have varied forms of data in your old system, such as your MS Office files, Call Records, business chats, email accounts. Making your old data compatible with the new system could hence be challenging at times with ZOHO.

Solution: Indeed, ZOHO offers extreme compatibility, but the absence of adequate knowledge often causes problems for business owners. Seeking help from a premium ZOHO partner can help you appreciably in attaining compatibility with your legacy data.

  1. Redundant features

ZOHO CRM is feature-rich software; it offers a separate tool for almost every business task. Subject to the requirements of your business, you would have to find the right tools and filter out the ones that you don’t need. For instance, if you get leads from sources other than your website, there is no need to invest in live chat features or visitor insights.

Solution: You should be clear about your business needs. Yet again, connecting with a ZOHO Premium partner like CRM-Masters would help you to find out the best features for your business.

  1. Security concerns

Safety remains the utmost concern while implementing any software and the same holds with CRM software. You might be vigilant while using ZOHO CRM in the beginning, but there is no need to panic as it is far ahead in data security as compared to others in the industry.

Solution: ZOHO CRM is a trust worthy and safe software to install. It sets you free from the hassles of data breaches and avoids losing your confidential information to your business rivals.

Summing up, you cannot make progress in a business unless you can build a good bond with your customer. Notably, flawless CRM software holds high importance in ensuring smooth ties with your customers. Hence, even a slight issue in your CRM system could cause big problems. It is therefore important to detect these issues and solve them adequately so that you could continue with your business tasks unperturbed.  Thankfully, with ZOHO CRM, even the issues that you believe exist are in fact non-existent. All you need is to be aware of the various aspects of the ZOHO features you are using.

Still having problems? Let us know

ZOHO CRM is very helpful software for those who want to improve their customer relationship. It works well and makes your business successful. If you are still encountering any problems during its implementation anyhow, you can always inform us about your concerns. As a premium ZOHO partner, we hold the best team to ease out your problem and help you get back on track.