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Customer Success Strategy: Top 10 Capabilities for Zoho Creator

customer success strategy top 10 capabilities for zoho creator

It is important to be consistent in fine-tuning your business processes for better performance. You can do it manually if you are ready to withstand the involved hassles. Nevertheless, if you prefer adopting the smarter ways, seeking the help of a capable CRM software system would be ideal. This is where ZOHO Creator could help you out. The intelligent low-code app development platform lets you transform your business processes into smart applications. Here are top 10 capabilities of this valuable resource from ZOHO that comprise an important part of the customer success strategy.

  1. User Empowerment

A ZOHO Creator app can run smoothly across varied web and mobile devices (iOS and Android OS) thus empowering the users everywhere irrespective of their geographic location. It equips the users with all the requisite details and functionality to execute their specific tasks.

  1. Built-in AI Capabilities

ZOHO Creator assists its users with the AI functionality to help them develop smarter and more intelligent apps. Its lets you to find out the anomalies in customer behavior, forecast the outcomes, grasp the user data to analyze the feedback sentiment and come up with smarter decisions depending on real-time data.

  1. Quicker App Development

ZOHO Creator, with its low-code platform, lets you get rid of the complicated app development steps such as framework creation, data modeling, UI development, etc. With its intuitive features, this ZOHO workspace allows you to start creating the application straightaway at a faster pace.

  1. Streamline your processes

You don’t need to continue working on your legacy applications any more, thanks to the integrated apps that you can develop through ZOHO Creator. It streamlines your work processes, thus allowing you to gain access, modify and share the cloud data with ease.

  1. Unparalleled Security

ZOHO Creator abides by all the requisite global standards to make way for uncompromised security for its customers. You can benefit from its role-based access, multi-factor authentication, audit logs, data backup in varied locations, threat assessment, encrypted data and several other unmatched security features.

  1. Cloud-based Infrastructure

ZOHO Creator is a completely cloud based platform which reduces the total cost of ownership significantly. You don’t need any prior coding knowledge or IT expertise either to benefit from this software.

  1. Build Custom Apps

Whether you want to manage your bulk inventory, store a long list of contacts, keep track of regular business processes, or take some other data-oriented action, ZOHO Creator offers solution to all you needs. You can create specific applications for every small to big business process with this platform and proceed smoothly toward actualizing your business goals.

  1. Collaborate with your IT staff

ZOHO Creator lets you communicate with your IT staff to synchronize your business goals with your IT strategy. The low-code platform allows you to plan, create and use reliable applications at a much faster pace.

  1. Reduced Cost and Complexity

It allows you to save big on overhead expenses such as server maintenance and monitoring. The platform allows you the ease to create, update and add new features without going through the cumbersome and time-consuming processes.

  1. Third-party integration

While the application software allows you to develop utilitarian apps to carry on with your business processes without hassles, it also facilitates third party integrations. You can benefit from the REST APIs and prebuilt integrations that it offers to connect with the existing or new software. Instead of replacing your system, it will augment it to work effectively for your business.

To conclude, ZOHO Creator is beyond doubt, a power-packed medium to help your business transform the ideas into successful processes. It can help to empower your business and IT staff to communicate with each other and launch applications that could drive exceptional business growth.

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