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Benefits of ZOHO marketing automation vs HubSpot

benefits of zoho marketing automation vs hubspot

With more than 600 CRM software solutions available in the market, the competition in the CRM industry is cut throat. ZOHO and HubSpot are among the two main software vendors in the modern day business world to beat this tough competition. Nevertheless, the question to choose the best one among these two could still leave you perplexed.

Let’s compare the benefits

Which CRM should you select, ZOHO or HubSpot? This is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions for marketers while developing the perspectives of email marketing and management.

Indeed, ZOHO marketing automation is cost-effective and caters to all the business needs, starting from sales to client’s service. Its ease of use makes it the favorite software for business enterprises. But HubSpot is no less popular owing to his client-centric facilities. Probably, a look out on the benefits of ZOHO marketing automation vs HubSpot could well help you to single out the winner.

  1. Integration

ZOHO marketing incorporates several third-party as well as in-house apps. It allows you to access around 200 applications comprising vivid features like finance, email marketing, business operations, and meeting schedules with others. It also enables you to link your contacts and business accounts with your social media profiles, thus ensuring better outreach of the social media activities of your business.

On the other hand, one can seamlessly incorporate HubSpot marketing with third-party apps that consist of other aspects of business as well. But, it may not be appropriate for complex marketing as well as the sales process. Currently, HubSpot does not provide any social media support either.

  1. Cost consideration

The topmost plan of ZOHO is economical as compared to that of HubSpot. Although, its costing increases with an increase in the number of team members. It is free to a certain limit, but the free version does not have key features of HubSpot. If you compare it with ZOHO marketing plan, it is comparably much costlier.

Moreover, the HubSpot marketing hub offers basic features of CRM such as e-mail sync, task and activity management. If you require advanced specifications, you need to upgrade to HubSpot inbound marketing. Just opposite, ZOHO incorporates automation, workflows, and standard plans at much better pricing than HubSpot.

  1. Reporting and Analytics

One dominant reason to prefer a CRM system instead of spreadsheets is to get the facility of dashboards along with reporting and analytics. This is where ZOHO marketing automation and HubSpot score way ahead of their peers. However, when you compare them with each other, you will find out certain limitations with HubSpot with respect to dashboards and custom reports. While ZOHO allows you to benefit from limitless dashboards and custom reporting, HubSpot has fixed a certain limit to their usage depending on the package you choose.

  1. Marketing Automation

HubSpot is beyond doubt a power packed marketing tool and comprises features of landing pages, SEO and email marketing. But it requires you to spend a sumptuous amount depending on whether you wish to opt for different plans of HubSpot marketing hub or Sales Hub. On the other hand, you can get unlimited features right in ZOHO’s Professional plan itself, including auto responders, marketing campaigns, email templates and so on.

  1. Customer Support

ZOHO marketing plus provides active community forms along with extensive knowledge of base articles. You may get in touch with ZOHO customer team through email or live chat free of cost. You may track the status of your requests as well. Working with a ZOHO partner will give you additional support. One cannot overlook the benefits of HubSpot CRM as HubSpot provides email plus in-app support alternatives to the users for paid plans. But, if you wish to get customer support, you need to purchase Professional Editions.

So, Who Do You Think is the Winner?

Overall, if you compare ZOHO vs HubSpot, ZOHO appears to be more trusted and reliable CRM software. If your business needs intense detailing and reporting, then surely go for ZOHO CRM. Though both are good and give you a significant sales figure, you need to see your requirements and then make the final decision.

If you still have any second thoughts about the best CRM software between ZOHO marketing automation and HubSpot CRM, feel free to contact us at CRM-Masters. We will evaluate your requirements and the suitable functionality for your business to suggest you the best one of the two.