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9 best reasons you should choose Zoho Desk.

9 best reasons you should choose Zoho Desk.
  1. Now you can connect with your customers via multiple touchpoints. You can create support tickets from the email,  phone, website, and other channels. Your community forum allows a platform for discussion. You can convert your post into a ticket. 
  2. If you have decided to address tickets within a time frame, you can configure your customer contracts and easily close tickets on time. It is easy to set up SLAs that can define ticket due dates and take it further to multiple levels when they fall overdue.
  3. Automate your support process. This increases the agent’s productivity You can assign incoming tickets to agents and set ticket priority based on the payment plan. 
  4. Send an acknowledgment email on receiving a ticket from your customer automatically. As and when the tickets get assigned, you may notify your agents by sending notifications via e-mail or SMS.
  5. You can display information to your specific customers or the public in general or create articles for agents 
  6. Determine the best layout for your customer portal. You can customize the portal based on your needs.
  7. Your help desk activities have in-built reports. Use them for your benefit. For a quick view, you will be able to display summary and important statistics under the Dashboard. 
  8. With ZOHO desk features, you need not worry about the sensitive information you receive from customers. 
  9. Integrate with Zoho CRM and close your customer loop from sales to support. Import your contacts and accounts information easily from Zoho CRM for the right support.