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How Flutter is better than other frameworks

While deciding among the available frameworks in the market, it’s only natural that you will find yourself in a loop of exploring various options and finding it hard to decide which framework would be right for your app development. We’ll make this job a bit easy as you read this blog post further.


With so much buzz around Flutter app development in the market, you might want to evaluate how flutter is better than other frameworks available in the market. In this blog post, we will be discussing how Flutter is better than other frameworks in the market and its business impacts as well


Faster development leads to more profit

The very first highlight of Flutter is that you don’t have to write separate codes for the different operating systems. This eventually lowers the time, effort, and cost of development and thereby reducing the time-to-market of the app resulting in better profitability.


Better MVPs

With a great UI collection and hot reload feature, Flutter helps you create much better prototypes as compared to other frameworks in the market. These better prototypes help in attracting investors in very less time because the time that goes into developing the prototype also reduces.


Speed matters

From a developer as well as user perspective, speed is something where no one wants to compromise. It is one of the topmost parameters on which any app is evaluated. After an app is developed on Flutter it doesn’t require any bridge to connect with the native components like GPS, camera, etc. Whereas some of the other frameworks which are available in the market, require this bridge to connect with the native components. So, in the case of Flutter, since the bridge is not required, the speed of the app is directly impacted in a positive sense.


Less Dependency on any third party

After an app is developed, the next challenge is to test and deploy it as soon as possible. A great highlight about Flutter is that it has its instructions and automation tools to aid deployment. This reduces any dependencies on third-party tools for deployment. This decreases the testing cost and time taken for deployment thereby making Flutter a suitable choice for the companies.


Better Animation

To improve the user interface and to make the app more interactive, developers are now focusing so much on the animation side of the app. Flutter uses dart as a programming language and it is a well-known fact that when it comes to creating animation using dart, they are much smoother with a higher frame rate. This gives the advantage to Flutter over other frameworks available in the market.


By now you must have got an idea of how Flutter is better than other frameworks in the market and how you can leverage it to get the best out of your business. We at CRM Masters can help you explore Flutter App development in a bit more detailed manner and also help you in various stages of your app development. Feel free to get in touch with us for a detailed discussion.