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Business Intelligence Apps from Zoho

Modern-day companies rely heavily on organized data to enable them to make important business decisions. ZOHO Corp is upfront at fulfilling this quintessential requirement of businesses worldwide with the help of its advanced Business Intelligence apps.

Various data-driven enterprises understand the importance of BI apps quite well and hence prefer availing the facilities of ZOHO’s self-service and end-to-end business intelligence platform. It enables users to leverage AI-driven data analytics to unleash meaningful insights and patterns that facilitate in smart decision-making.

More on Business Intelligence

Abiding by the definition, Business Intelligence is the precursor of data collection, storing, and analyzing raw incoming data. Organizations are turning to dedicated BI tools to gain global recognition and revenue. Here it would be interesting to know several important facts about Business Intelligence:

  • The global business intelligence adoption rate crossed 26% in 2020.
  • The market comprising global business intelligence already touched the $24 billion mark in 2021.
  • 50% of finance organizations and 52% of software development companies are seeking the help of BI tools as of now
  • Organizations using BI tools are 5 times more prone to take quick decisions as compared to those not using BI tools
  • Companies usually leverage 3.8 BI tools for their business

As for the last point, ZOHO combines all the possible data analysis activities in its various apps thus encouraging the users to confide in its apps instead of going elsewhere. Let us know more about these apps and the way they are empowering different organizations.

  1. ZOHO Analytics

This modern self-service business intelligence and analytics platform can help companies to connect, prepare, and analyze data. They can create amazing data visuals in their next board meetings to uncover hidden trends.

ZOHO Analytics

How is ZOHO Analytics empowering businesses?

  • It offers unified business analytics.
  • The app allows choosing from the public cloud or on-premise deployment of ZOHO Analytics based on business needs.
  • It incurs a low cost in terms of training, support, customization, and licensing.
  • It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Its multiple capabilities include cognitive analytics, predictive analytics, automated insights, conversational analytics, etc.
  • It is easy to integrate it quickly with any technology stack without dedicated coding.
  • There is continuous data management on ZOHO Analytics while adhering to the security and governance guidelines.
  1. ZOHO DataPrep

This dedicated data preparation tool connects, explores, transforms, and manages data for different processes. It helps businesses to nail advanced analytics, data warehousing, machine learning, business process migration, and several other important processes.

ZOHO DataPrep

How is ZOHO Data Prep helping businesses?

  • It offers a self-service data preparation platform to different teams using augmented capabilities for the next step.
  • It manages high-quality data for any department’s needs.
  • The app can manage unstructured data effectively.
  • It is compatible with powerful APIs for extensible data preparation.
  • The users get high levels of scalability when deployed on the cloud.

 ZOHO Embedded Analytics Software

This fully featured analytics platform is easy to embed quickly into existing business applications by using SAML authentication or sign-on API. It offers a white-label analytics microsite or portal, which the users can access through native mobile or web apps.

Zoho Embedded Analytics Software

How is Embedded Analytics Software assisting businesses?

  • It comes with zero deployment issues and accelerates the business’s time to market.
  • It offers real-time insights to ensure that businesses can stay high in the increasing competition.
  • It becomes easy for businesses to focus on their core products or services while analytics software is simple to embed quickly into the existing systems.
  • It offers an analytics platform with multiple design features and high customization.

Wrapping Up

With the global business intelligence market set to reach 33.3 billion USD in 2025 at a CAGR of 7.6%, it is the right time to invest in business intelligence apps. ZOHO comes as an ultimate solution for top business intelligence apps like Embedded Analytics, Data Preparation tools, and Self-service BI platform. The long list of clientele from top reputed companies list makes these tools to look for in increasing your business’ productivity and market share.