Inside sales are a crucial part of your business. Your inside sales team will always try to look for software that gives them integrated emails and calls. Sometimes integrated SMS services are also essential. A CRM tool manages to give you a streamlined business process, automate sales and help you predict the outcomes. You will need such a tool so that your sales team produces better lead management. CRM tools come with integrations to assist and accelerate your inside sales. This article will help you select a CRM tool that gives good integrations. This will not only accelerate inside sales but will help towards taking your business forward. Here is a list of CRM integrations to look for.

  1. Third-party software data sync

As a business firm, you will already have a CRM solution, marketing tools, and accounting software. So integrating this data with the inside sales can save a lot of your time. This will also not make your sales team frustrated. You need to look for a solution that integrates data from tasks like e-mails, power dialing, helpdesk to your marketing tools. This will help you manage the workflows of your enterprise in a better way. It will reduce the number of duplicates produced and increase quality in every data sync. Zapier and Bedrock Data are two such integrating tools. You can easily integrate this with all popular CRM software too.

  1. Collection of lead data

You look for integrating a tool with an existing CRM tool so that you improve its efficiency. This will help you match with the features of modern CRM tools and generate more leads. To maintain lead data you will need to save their social profiles, contacts, e-mail IDs, etc. to contact them quickly. You can look for effective solutions that maintain and update contact data periodically. This should collect all kinds of digital data, contact numbers, addresses and more. Make sure that with this solution your inside sales have access to this data and use them effectively to maintain leads.

  1. Increase in Inbound marketing

Inbound calls are essential in your sales approach too. Although there is a tendency for people to focus on outbound marketing, inbound is equally important. In fact, the landing pages and content marketing are based on inbound marketing only. So you can look for software that potentially helps in increasing sales calls. Callmaker is one such tool that gives opportunities for sales operators to connect with potential customers. You can also look for tools that give you promising sales prospects from social media sites.

  1. Better e-commerce leads

An e-commerce center will ideally need a great lead generation. That is how the sales will increase in a big way. You can integrate e-commerce lead generation solutions to bring high potential customers. Make sure that this integration also gives you the feature of filtering. So that the users can easily get in contact with merchants. This filtration should have include parameters like the country or location, domain and the size of the merchant. Tools like SalesOptimize helps you navigate the delivery. You can integrate this tool with most of the CRM software like SalesForce.

Finally, ensure that these tools are suitable for your CRM software and manage your inside sales efficiently.