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4 worst advices about CRM

 Your Business Doesn’t Need CRM as it is only for big organizations: If you have customers and want to build strong relationships with them, then the tool is for you. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. It also doesn’t matter whether you just started your business or have been into it …

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6 Problems that Salesforce Can Solve For Your Business

Understanding Consumer Behaviour Analysis   A business can derive multiple benefits from consumer behaviour analysis. Tracking their online activity makes you retain and understand your customers.  With Salesforce, you can keep track of your customer’s journey consolidated in one place. Be smart and sell better with Salesforce    Improving Customer Service   Salesforce makes it …

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Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Prevent Customers from Leaving EXAMPLE: Let’s say you want to know how many of your customers didn’t purchase anything in the last 6 months, which might be a sign of them considering quitting your services and taking their money to your competitors. First, create a list of all of your customers, and then create a …

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9 best reasons you should choose Zoho Desk.

Now you can connect with your customers via multiple touchpoints. You can create support tickets from the email,  phone, website, and other channels. Your community forum allows a platform for discussion. You can convert your post into a ticket.  If you have decided to address tickets within a time frame, you can configure your customer …

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redBus: World’s largest online bus ticketing platform moves global with Salesforce

After redBus began using Salesforce with innovative web and mobile app-based platform, the company has over 40 million customers globally. Post-Salesforce implementation, redBus has become the world’s largest online bus ticketing platform where customers have used to book more than 180 million bus trips.    Before Salesforce   Prior to the Salesforce deployment, redBus used …

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Salesforce Lightning: Future of Sales and CRM

Some reasons that make Salesforce Lightning the future of Sales and CRM.    It makes life easy. SalesForce can integrate with many other tools we use at the company to make it easy to not only see the information on accounts, contacts, and leads but also interact with them through other platforms.    The data …

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3 reasons you should opt for Mobile CRM

Do your Customers know your brand? Make your brand visible It’s so easy to do a Real-time interaction with your customers. Your sales staff can spend more time interacting with customers and less time searching for information they need.   Your CRM should save your time without disturbing your budget. Mobile CRM does exactly this. …

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Does your business need a CTO?

Every business DOES NOT need to hire a Chief Technology Officer. Finding qualified CTOs for small and medium companies is a very difficult task considering the financial aspect and business needs. For many SMBs, alternative solutions can be better than hiring a CTO. SMBS can build on technology without a specific person dedicated to digital …

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Top 5 CRM Systems to look out for

Salesforce CRM For a business, this tool becomes mandatory to manage all kinds of business needs. This is a complete cloud-based CRM application that is excellent in handling every requirement.  MS Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a quick and easy application to use for ERP development. It focuses on building the customer relationship that has …

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