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Salesforce Lightning: Future of Sales and CRM

Some reasons that make Salesforce Lightning the future of Sales and CRM. 


It makes life easy.

SalesForce can integrate with many other tools we use at the company to make it easy to not only see the information on accounts, contacts, and leads but also interact with them through other platforms. 


The data is visually translated 

The speed and availability of data is easy to navigate in the UI. The workflow mirrors a well-structured template for closing every qualified opportunity. The data is visually translated well for a high-level view down to granular influences.


The Hover feature

The hover feature has been added to more buttons and it is easier to navigate between different opportunities and tasks to keep yourself organized and help you manage the pipeline better. It is more customizable from an individual level as well with pinning top used lists.


Not just a CRM

Salesforce is really an entire development platform rather than just a CRM. You can use it out of the box but for companies that need high levels of customization, you can add basically whatever you need.


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